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A community-driven initiative emerging from North-East Arnhem Land, Goŋ Wanhurr supports the development and production of Yolngu-led, multi-disciplinary performing arts and mixed-media projects.Through Goŋ Wanhurr’s community structure, which combines the cultural protocols of Yolngu custodianship with philanthropic, corporate and community-based partnerships, a Homelands-based Bunggul Djama arts alliance has been formed in the Laynhapuy region that has the potential to form a wider network across Arnhem Land.

The objective of Goŋ Wanhurr’s projects is to deliver, through a “Learning on Country” approach, sustainable programs developed through strategic relationships, delivered in remote homeland communities, that offer training, business and employment opportunities and outcomes. The two-way structure of the organization focuses on building a sustainable model based on Yolngu structured principles of Galtha Rom, underpinned by community-defined objectives that embrace inter-generational two-way bilingual training and educational strategies of Homeland-based Schools and Ranger programs.

Gong Wanhurr is focused on developing community-based VET (Vocational Education Training) programs in Performance, Entertainment and Digital Media. Through a network of local, regional and national Strategic Partnerships Goŋ Wanhurr builds training and professional development that builds on Remote Education & Training priorities. Through its mentorship program, elders are engaged in helping develop young leaders of the future to help build sustainable futures for the next generation of Yolŋu leaders.

The objectives of GWAC’s program have been spear-headed by Djakapurra Munyarryun, a highly acclaimed Yolngu Performing artist who has been involved as a lead artist, creative collaborator and cultural consultant in numerous national and international projects including the work of Bangarra Dance Theatre, Australian Ballet, the Atlanta closing & Sydney opening Olympic ceremonies, and has evolved through discussion with a number of Yolngu community leaders.

As Wangurri clan leader, T/O Tommy Riyakurray Munyarryun is mentoring the next generation of Yolngu leaders through his innovative cultural arts practice. (see “Wangurri Gallery” project). Djakapurra is the Creative Director of Gong Wanhurr Productions. In this capacity, he led the 2014 commissioned Lorrkkon event at Reconciliation Place for the 50th anniversary of AIATSIS. IN the homelands he works alongside his sister and Associate Artistic Director, Janet Guypunura (Deadly Award 2012 "Dancer of the Year").



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Education & Health

Advancing education & training programs in NE Arnhem Land remote homeland communities through the Learning On Country program



Social & Public Welfare

Develop skills and opportunities of engagement for remote disadvantaged indigenous youth through education and career pathways




Preserve Yolngu culture by assisting its members to maintain a connection with country through the development, production and transmission of culture through the Performing Arts.




Develop public programs and projects of exchange and education in Yolngu culture to the wider Australian community



Human Rights

Advance the Rights to Culture for the Yolngu Homeland population as recognised in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples



Management & Administration

Manage and Administer an ORIC registered indigenous corporation located in remote NE Arnhem Land with a focus on indigenous governance mentorship and sustainability.





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